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Anti-cellulite serum 150 ml :: Body creams :: Body care

Anti-cellulite serum 150 ml

Price incl. VATCHF46.80
CHF 31.20 / 100 ml
Item no. 123510
  • Skin type Normal skin
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Although we share the typical connective tissue weakness with more than 80% of all women over 20, cellulite does not bother us any less. But don't worry, our anti-cellulite serum is a strong helper against the unloved stretch marks and dents.
As soon as it is applied, the blood circulation is stimulated by a massage and the first impression of cool and fresh gives way to a pleasant feeling of warmth*: Artichoke fresh plant extract, caffeine and a polysaccharide called Levan promote lipid metabolism and leave the skin feeling well cared for.
For even better results, also use the Body Expert Firming Body Cream.
* The warmth can be felt to varying degrees. Depending on your sensitivity, avoid massaging the skin when applying.
How to use: apply 1 to 2 times daily to the problem areas (belly, legs, bottom, upper arms) and massage in. Make sure to use the product regularly, only then will you obtain the desired result
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