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Shower scrub 200 ml :: Body peeling :: Body care

Shower scrub 200 ml

Price incl. VATCHF25.90
CHF 12.95 / 100 ml
Item no. 121280
  • Basic Line Peelings and masks
  • Skin type All skin types
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Does your skin look tired, unbalanced or even flaky? Then it is time for a peeling!
The cells of our skin have an average life span of 28 days. After that, they dry out slowly and form a layer on the epidermis. That’s when the skin starts looking dull and rough or it might even clog the pores, which can lead to unpleasant pimples.
The particles of an extra gentle, easily biodegradable polylactide contained in our shower peeling gently loosen these dead skin cells and leave your skin fresh and soft. The pH skin-neutral formulation with a gentle combination of surfactants ensures mild cleansing.
How to use: use 1 to 2 times a week instead of a shower gel.
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