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Wellness body scrub with fruit enzymes 200 ml

Price incl. VATCHF49.80
CHF 24.90 / 100 ml
Item no. 120860
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On the way to smooth, soft skin, one cannot do without using scrubs regularly, as they remove dead skin cells and therefore prevent clogged pores. Furthermore, they stimulate blood circulation and make sure the skin absorbs the following product better.
There are two kinds of scrubs: mechanical scrubs contain small grains, which softly rub off dead skin cells and cornification, whereas enzymatic peelings release them by using fruit enzymes. Our Body scrub with fruit enzymes does both: enzymes from exotic fruits softly remove dead skin cells supported by silica globules to ensure a wonderfully smooth skin feel.
No wonder why this scrub is part of our Wellness line: its exotic, seductive scent turns your bathroom into a true wellness oasis where this innovative formula will give you a smooth and silky soft skin.
To enhance the skin caring effect, use the Wellness body and massage oil or the Wellness body cream with Q10.
How to use: Apply on wet body 1 -2 times a week with circular motions and rinse off with water.
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