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Alpine Concept Line

Even Goethe asked "Why wander far away? See, the good is so close" – as are the active ingredients in this line, which are largely sourced from the Swiss Alps! First and foremost: the Swiss Complex, which was developed exclusively for Déesse and is found in all the products in the range. In addition to extracts of houseleek (intensively moisturises and supports skin regeneration) and alpine rose extract (has a protective and antioxidant effect, can improve elasticity), it also contains a probiotic active ingredient: ProRenew ComplexTM. This extract from a lactic acid producing bacterium strengthens the skin barrier and thus helps the skin to protect itself from negative environmental influences.
125500 - Alpine Concept Day cream refill 50 ml
CHF 99.80 / 100 ml
125510 - Alpine Concept Night cream refill 50 ml
CHF 109.80 / 100 ml
125540 - Alpine Concept Anti-aging hand cream 75ml
CHF 46.53 / 100 ml
125550 - Alpine Concept Eye zone cream 15 ml
CHF 299.33 / 100 ml
125590 - Alpine Concept universal jar refill 50 ml