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Omega 3 lecithin & vitamin E 39 g / 60 capsules :: Vitality :: Dietary supplements

Omega 3 lecithin & vitamin E 39 g / 60 capsules

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When someone talks about "omega-3 fatty acids", the thoughts "they are important" and "I really should eat fish more often" usually come up directly – and then disappear just as quickly.

These fatty acids are not only important for the human organism, they are even essential, i.e. they are vital for our survival, but at the same time we cannot produce them ourselves. As a consequence, we are dependent on our dietary intake of sufficient amounts of these fatty acids to maintain our normal bodily functions. And this is not always easy.

Even better that with our Omega 3 lecithin and vitamin E capsules you can help your body:
- especially important omega 3 fatty acids for the human body are DHA and EPA. A daily intake of 250 mg DHA contributes to normal brain function. If 3 g DHA and EPA are taken in combination daily, this contributes to normal heart function.
- Vitamin E helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress.
- Lecithin is an important component of the cell membrane.

Recommended intake: the capsules are suitable for adults and children aged 3 years and older. Up to two capsules can be taken daily.

Algae oil, Sunflower oil, Rosemary extract, Antioxidant: strong tocopherolha, Ascorbyl palmitate, Humectant Glycerine, modified cornstarch, Stabiliser Mono- and Diglycerides from S, Thickening agent carrageenan, Sunflower lecithin, alpha-tocopherol concentrate, Iron oxide dye, Acidity regulator sodium carbonate
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