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2 in 1 care & base coat 10 ml

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All our nail products are not only vegan, but also plant-based, i.e. developed according to the principles of “Naturally Green by Nature Technology.† This means that technically processed biomass* is used as an environmentally friendly alternative to solvents and plasticizers.

The new nail highlights are lovingly packed in high-quality folding boxes made from the stems and leaves of sugar cane plants as well as the bagasse left over after sugar extraction. A small portion of wood pulp is added for technical reasons.
agricultural waste such as cotton, sugar cane, maize and manioc.

Discover the secret weapon for brittle nails! Our 2 in 1 Care & base coat transforms especially soft, thin and brittle nails into strong, resistant beauties. The powerful combination of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and PHA (polyhydroxy acid) works hand in hand to regenerate and strengthen the nails. The contained vitamin E acts as a strong antioxidant and protects the nail plate from external factors. The bamboo extract, a natural source of silica, restructures the keratin in the nails. To top it off, squalane strengthens the natural protective barrier of the nails. Discover the power of care and strengthen your nails today. Get our 2 in 1 Care & base coat now!

Use: apply thinly 2 times a week for care or use as a base coat to optimally prepare for the ensuing nail polish.
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