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Brilliant top coat 10 ml

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All our nail products are not only vegan, but also plant-based, i.e. developed according to the principles of “Naturally Green by Nature Technology.† This means that technically processed biomass* is used as an environmentally friendly alternative to solvents and plasticizers.

The new nail highlights are lovingly packed in high-quality folding boxes made from the stems and leaves of sugar cane plants as well as the bagasse left over after sugar extraction. A small portion of wood pulp is added for technical reasons.
agricultural waste such as cotton, sugar cane, maize and manioc.

Give your nails the perfect final touch! After you’ve taken the time to pamper your hands and applied one of our stunning colors - in combination with our 2 in 1 care & base coat – it's time to round off the work of art. Our sealing top coat creates a resistant protective layer with a radiant, flawless finish (all without nitrocellulose). Thanks to the advanced polymer-based formula, the polish on your nails stays perfect for longer. The gentle texture guarantees an effortless, even application for a professional result. Treat your nails to the best! Ready for the finishing touch? Get our Brilliant top coat now and give your nails the perfect shine!

Use: once the nail polish has completely dried, apply a layer of Brilliant top coat over the entire color area so there are no edges. Finally, seal the nail tip/edge with a little Brilliant top coat.

Tip: renew the Brilliant top coat every three days to keep your nail polish protected even longer.
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