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Make-up correction pen 4.5 ml

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The solution for little mishaps when applying make-up.

We've all been there: the clock is ticking, you're trying your best to look perfect, and then there’s a little slip-up. The eyeliner draws its own line, the mascara embarks on a voyage of discovery on your cheeks or your lipliner is a wobbly contour. It’s at these moments you wish you had a magical helper to get everything literally back on track.

We have the solution... the new Make-up correction pen! This ittle miracle will be your savior in times of need and those little accidents vanish in an instant. Nor does it stop at even the most stubborn, waterproof eye make-up. It will quickly become an indispensable tool, as it can make clean and precise corrections without drying out your skin.

The pen contains sorbitol and panthenol, so not only will your make-up be restored, your skin will also feel pampered and supple – moisture and correction in one elegant pen! And we’ve gone one better: the tip is easy to clean with a facial tissue after each use, and three replacement tips are cleverly integrated into the back of the pen to guarantee longevity and hygiene.

Say goodbye to make-up mishaps with the new Make-up correction pen!
Denise Gerlach / 6/19/2024 7:17 AM
Very good

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